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          The wind energy industry is under tremendous pressure to reduce costs as it is competing other conventional forms of power generation. Higher power generation efficiency with lower cost are the on-going challenging the wind...
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          High mechanical performance of structural lightweight parts are needed more and more in automotive industry. However, the cost reduction and higher manufacturing efficiency are challenges to enable the integration of composite...
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          When it comes to boats, the leather and wood construction cannot meet the high standard of modern requirements, however, lightness, strength, durability and ease of production mean that composites will play...
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          Aviation industry has extremely high standards, and the lightweight solutions are specifically required. Our composite material delivers the technology innovation, where the materials must fulfill safety requirements (e.g. fire...
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          The applicability of a new material in railway applications involves not only the assessment in terms of stiffness and crashworthiness but also other requirements as fire protection, vibroacustic characteristics, insulation...
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          Reaching limits of “Higher, Faster and Stronger “is the eternal mission in sports and leisure activities. Sports markets are very specialized and scattered. They demand material suppliers to develop and manufacturing materials for...
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